Living With Chronic Pain & Spiritual Transformation

When living with chronic pain, one drop of water in the desert of despair can lead to spiritual transformation and all the benefits that follow.

I'm Gordon Selley,

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My life has been transformed by living with chronic pain

About 19 years ago, I was a chiropractic doctor living the American Dream. In an instant, my dream morphed into a nightmare. As a result of injuries and a series of neck surgeries (4) that followed, I entered the darkened world of chronic pain.

I lost everything – My career, my workouts, my relationships, my self-worth… My life!

I endured chronic pain and its devastating effects by losing motivation and gaining pounds. My life was a train wreck until I came to the end of myself…

In a nutshell, I entered the seminary of suffering – I went deeper with my pain – deeper with God – and discovered grace, strength, and new life as a result. I conquered my pain, weight, fears, and limitations only after I changed my entire perspective on life.

Through a God-centered, holistic process of nurturing body and soul I have lost the weight and gained the energy to enjoy life again. I have returned to proper diet, daily treadmill exercise, and operating freelance as COO of our real estate brokerage.


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Accordingly, I have learned to work within my physical limitations, while nurturing spiritual relationships and coaching others through life’s obstacles.

No, I haven’t been healed of chronic pain. I’ve learned to live with it…

Truly live!

As a result of my journey, I now have a legacy to motivate and mentor others who are living with chronic pain and desire spiritual transformation, regardless of life challenges. The purpose of this website is to help you start your own journey back to life!

Gordon Selley Radio Interview with Evelyn Nikel - October 10, 2012

Warmest Regards,
Gordon Selley